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[vogue 2009 - letters from angels adoption campaign]

egh, i hate pictures like this - and there’s always a ton of them cropping up right about now because this friday is the government’s “adoption day”.

what most people (including these celebs who pose with babies in order to promote adoption - do you know that at one point the government was actually running commercials with children’s photos and personal info on it, like damn telecommercials? if that’s not a violation of human rights i don’t know what is) don’t know is that 90% of these children are the children of unwed mothers.

here’s another fun fact for you straight from the ministry of gender and family: in korea, out of 100 unmarried women that get pregnant 96 of them have an abortion - only four of them give birth. i think we can safely assume that those 4 women, braving strong discrimination and backlash from family, friends and society at large, had at least some inclination to raise that baby. however, out of those four women, in the end, only one will raise her baby. the other three will be forced to give up for adoption, due to no support from the father, no real legal way to pursue support from the father, discriminatory hiring practices against unwed moms that make it nearly impossible to get a job and support themselves, and little to no support from the government - unwed mothers receive 50,000 won per month, while adoptive korean families receive 100,000 won a month, clear institutional discrimination, giving preferential treatment for 2-parent adoptive families over an unwed mother raising her own child.

according to track, the government’s priorities for support are the reverse of what they should be under international human rights guidelines. the rate of support per month, per child, is as follows:

  • Family group home facility: 1,070,000 won
  • Child welfare facility (orphanage): 1,050,000 won
  • Foster care: 250,000 won
  • Domestic adoptive parents: 100,000 won
  • Single parents, including unwed and divorced parents: 50,000 won (US$44)

ummmm, how about giving 1,000,000 won per month to an unwed mother to raise her child instead of the child staying in a welfare facility or group home?

this is why these photos irritate the hell out of me. i wish celebs who are looking to get some good PR wouldn’t be so short-sighted and support unwed mothers trying to raise their child.

that’s why some groups (TRACK, KUMFA and KoRoot) are advocating once again that Adoption Day be deemed Single Mom’s Day. 

swoon? more like…feel sick to my stomach. cue the hate mail from the kpop fans?