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I'm a Korean-American adoptee living in Seoul, just finished my MA in Anthropology (yes, i took all of my classes in Korean TT). In my spare time, I volunteer at two great organizations: Korean Unwed Mothers' Families Association (KUMFA) and the Women's Global Solidarity Action Network (WGSAN) - a group that works on various issues, including with the survivors of military sexual slavery during WWII ("Comfort Women"). I also love cooking and baking and going to the noraebang ^^ To make a monthly donation to the Korean Unwed Mothers' Families Association, please click below!! (You can also make a 1-time donation)
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one of the KUMFA moms is selling carnation room diffusers (choice of scent: vanilla or rosemary) and carnation potpourri vases (coffee potpourri). as you may know, may is “family month” in korea since it has children’s day, parent’s day, and teacher’s day, etc. and the traditional gift is the carnation.

carnation diffuser 10,000 KRW
potpourri vase 15,000 KRW

delivery possible country-wide (S&H 3,000 won).

please contact me if you’re interested!

KUMFA is looking for 2 volunteers to babysit during their Incheon chapter meeting this Sat, April 19th from 10:50am-1:30pm. Location is at Dure Co-op near Sangedong Station (line 7, exit 8). Please let me know if you can help!

KUMFA is looking for 2 volunteers to babysit during their Gyeonggi-do chapter meeting this Sun, April 20th from 2pm-4pm. Location is near Osandae Station (line 1). Please let me know if you can help!

KUMFA will be holding a small bazaar at their office this sunday from 1-4pm. they received donations of clothes from sellers in dongdaemun. the clothes are new and will be selling for just 1,000 KRW per piece. profits from sale of the clothes will be used to offset KUMFA’s operational costs. please stop by if you have time on sunday! also, in order to prepare for the bazaar, they need volunteers on saturday. the time is from 10-4 but even if you can’t stay the entire 6 hours, people who can come from 10-1 or 1-4 are still welcome! please let me know if you can help~!

was watching the news today when a story came on about a new policy announced by the ministry of health and welfare, which was a result of the murder of hyunsu, a korean adoptee who was killed by his adoptive father just 4 months after he was adopted to the US. (link to korean news article here)

top left photo: 보건복지부 해외입양도 1년 사후 관리 의무화 ministry of health and welfare mandates 1 year of post adoption services (home visits and reports) for international adoption too [shannon’s note: 1 year of post adoption services is currently required for domestic adoption per the special adoption law revisions that went into effect in 2011. with this new mandate, the adoption agencies will be required to submit reports monthly for the first 3 months and then quarterly for the last 9 months)

top right photo: 로스 오크 진실화해를 위한 해외입양인 모임, “입양에만 의존할 게 아니라 원가족 내에서 해결할 수 있는 방안을 찾아야 할때입니다. ross oke, TRACK, “it is now time that we no longer depend solely on adoption, but search for family preservation solutions.”

bottom left photo: 헤이그국제아동입양협약 (우선 순위): 원가정, 국내입양, 해외입양 according to the hague convention, the order of preference should be: family preservation, domestic adoption, international adoption

bottom right photo: 목경화 한국미혼모가족협회 대표, “시설에 지원해 줄 것을 조금이나마 원가족이 파괴되지 않게 도와준다면 아이들이 건강하게 크지 않을까 하는 거예요.” mok kyoung-hwa, director of korean unwed mothers’ families association (KUMFA), “if the government gave even a portion of the money that they spend for children in facilities to the child’s family in order that the child didn’t have to be separated from their family, wouldn’t these children be able to grow up happy and healthy in their own families?” [shannon’s note: this is in reference to the fact that the korean government currently gives upwards of 1,000,000 won to support children who are living in facilities, 150,000 won to korean domestic adoptive parents, and only 70,000 won to unwed moms. 90% of the children adopted both domestically and internationally from korea are the children of unwed mothers]

meanwhile, MPAK (mission to promote adoption in korea) is lamenting these changes because although they are clearly going to help protect children, it will make shit harder for adoptive parents, which is obviously more important.

한국미혼모가족협회는 이번주 일요일 (4월6일) 서울 자조모임 열 예정입니다. 아이를 봐줄 자원활동가 3분 모집하고자 합니다~ 위치는 협회사무실 (5호선 화곡역근처)이며 시간은 오후 1시부터 3시까지입니다. 가능하신 분 제게 연락주세요~! KUMFA is looking for 3 volunteers to babysit during their Seoul chapter meeting Sun, April 6th from 1pm-3pm. Location is near Hwagok Station (line 5). Please let me know if you can help! 

we are looking for bands that would be willing to donate their talents and perform at the 4th annual single mom’s day. on may 11th (sun) we are having a pride march called “single moms are parents too!” from 1-3 and we want to have some bands play beforehand to pump up the crowd. we will be marching from cheonggycheon to city hall. if you are interested in donating your talents, please contact me!!

i’ve often talked about how my work with KUMFA has given me more than i’ve ever “contributed” to KUMFA, as well as the chance to meet so many amazing supporters around the world. so last month an adoptee from australia (who is a part of what she calls the “handmade world”) messaged me asking if kumfa accepts donations. so i told her OF COURSE! this is her blog post about her call for donations and these are photos of what she has gathered so far, to bring for her visit to korea next month. so touching and sooooooo cute. 

today is international women’s day. this year, they held an event under the title, “for a democratic, egalitarian, and communicative society” the director and several members of the daegu branch of KUMFA held a protest here for hyunsu. in rememberance of hyunsu, let’s work towards a more democratic and egalitarian korean society!