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I'm a Korean-American adoptee living in Seoul, just finished my MA in Anthropology (yes, i took all of my classes in Korean TT). In my spare time, I volunteer at two great organizations: Korean Unwed Mothers' Families Association (KUMFA) and the Women's Global Solidarity Action Network (WGSAN) - a group that works on various issues, including with the survivors of military sexual slavery during WWII ("Comfort Women"). I also love cooking and baking and going to the noraebang ^^ To make a monthly donation to the Korean Unwed Mothers' Families Association, please click below!!
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"Bittersweet Joke" a documentary about unwed moms, including several KUMFA moms, in South Korea will screen this week on BBC World Channel!! I helped with the subtitles on this film~^^ Playing on Feb 9th at 6:30pm in Korea. Check your local times to see when you can watch it too~!!

More on KUMFA here: http://peaceshannon.tumblr.com/post/21013992058/what-is-kumfa

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    I saw it at Film Forum near Yonsei and wrote about how moved I was by it. Watch it if you can!
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