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North Korean adoptions approved in US
The Telegraph (U.K.)

The US Congress has approved a bill which aims to make it possible for Americans to adopt orphaned North Korean children.

Yikes. :/

Oh god I wonder how many of those orphans are not actually orphans…..

some people have asked my opinion on this. i wrote about it before here.

main point: most of the children this law targets are NOT orphans. read: they have parents. this is the legal abduction of children made possible by the fact that their mothers are country-less defectors on the run - helpless to protest in china since they are there illegally. 

I can already hear the white saviors defending and condoning this bullshit. I feel fucking sick.

Fucking sick? You mean people giving children a way out of North Korea, one of the most oppressive countries in the world and the opportunity to come to a place where they can have a loving family? Don’t you kids remember Hey Arnold? There was a whole CHRISTMAS SPECIAL about parents willing to separate from their kids in order to give them a better shot at life, didn’t you fools learn anything from 90’s childrens television? And anyway, like y’all have said the parents are out of the picture regardless, who’s taking care of these kids? Definitely not the government over there. If you were a parent in North Korea, would you give your child a chance at better life if you knew you would never see them again, or would you selfishly keep them with you so they could starve, suffer and eventually rot by your side? It’s called Altruism, look it up.

again. another one with a short attention span. read the entire post here and try to wrap your head around the fact that the children being targeted in this bill are not actually children in north korea but children in china who are being separated from their mothers (who are also in china) but can’t make their presence known since they are defectors and will therefore be shipped back to north korea. the US, adoption agencies and adoptive parents are essentially taking advantage of the fact that these women are unable to claim their children because they are stateless in china. and yes, that is fucking sick.

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