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I'm a Korean-American adoptee living in Seoul, just finished my MA in Anthropology (yes, i took all of my classes in Korean TT). In my spare time, I volunteer at two great organizations: Korean Unwed Mothers' Families Association (KUMFA) and the Women's Global Solidarity Action Network (WGSAN) - a group that works on various issues, including with the survivors of military sexual slavery during WWII ("Comfort Women"). I also love cooking and baking and going to the noraebang ^^ To make a monthly donation to the Korean Unwed Mothers' Families Association, please click below!!
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was brutally told yesterday by big issue and my roommate that i had thin lips. when i expressed my utter surprise at this information, it was changed to “definitely not thick” (is this the right word in english, the conversation was in korean and now i can’t seem to remember if thick is the appropriate opposite for thin in reference to lips). then for accuracy sake, my lips were put on a scale of 1-10 (1 being thinnest, 10 being thickest) as a 4.5. my world is completely turned upside down. i never knew i had thin lips. i actually took the time today to look at pictures of myself to verify this info. it’s kind of true! whole perception of self: rocked. i’m going to need some time to come to terms with this newly acquired info. (to be fair, they weren’t actually being brutal or even negative at all).

  1. soulsentwined said: I didn’t learn I was considered light skinned until I was 13. At a family reunion, someone asked my half sister who that light skin girl was and pointed in my direction. I turned around to see who she was pointing at and I was the lightest one there.
  2. sidatron said: b-but…but you’re so cute. and your smile is gorgeous! your lips fit your face well, so I give you a 10/10 on the beauty scale.
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